News : New Track - "Peaks (HackerProof Mix)"
A member of Paradox Explorer received a cryptic voicemail message in January of 2010. Apparently, there is a group of individuals scraping domain registration information for the purposes of selling a product called "Hacker Proof". In this case, the salesperson left a vaguely threatening message without identifying himself. The recipient decided to call the return number and have a little fun. The ensuing callback was a fine example of Social Engineering and quite humorous. In February of 2010, Paradox Explorer created a mix of their track "Peaks" featuring audio from the phone calls.

You Need Hacker Proof Part 1 (Voicemail)
You Need Hacker Proof Part 2 (Callback)
Paradox Explorer - Peaks (HackerProof Mix)

Tags: Hacking, Phreaking, Telephones, Social Engineering
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